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Aria Erotic AF Rechargeable Silicone Mini Vibrator Plum

Aria Erotic AF Rechargeable Silicone Mini Vibrator Plum

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Beautiful and powerful, meet the Aria Erotic AF. It has 10 deep, powerful rumbly vibrating functions, including 5 steady speeds and 5 unique patterns using the powerful Rumble Tech™ motor. Erotic AF is rated IPX7 submersible waterproof, making it perfect for bath and shower fun and easy to clean and is Magna Charge USB magnetic rechargeable, cable included. It has a curved design that fits beautifully against the body and ribbed head for extra stimulation. Erotic AF also has a heart-shaped finger fin for easier grip and accessibility! Ultrasilk® smooth and made using body-safe Puria™ platinum-cured silicone, it’s free of phthalates, paraffins, latex, and fragrances. Embrace the power of Aria.

- Rumble Tech Powered Deep Rumbly Vibrations. 5 Speeds and 5 Patterns.
- Finger Fin for Accessibility and Grasp During Use
- Magna Charge USB Charging. Adaptor Connects Magnetically.
- Fully Submersible IPX7 Waterproof
- Pure Platinum-Cured Puria™ Silicone.Ultrasilk® Smooth. Water-Based, Hybrid Lube Safe.
- Length (Inches): 3.25 * Width (Inches): 1.5 * Circumference (Inches): 4.71
- Warranty: 5 Years

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